5 Ways To Use Your Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

The Matterport 3D walk-through tour is cutting-edge technology that is new in the real estate scene. Now that you have a 3D tour, you may be asking yourself “What do I do with it?” Statistics have historically shown an increase in home buyers using the internet to research homes before they reach out to a real estate agent.

I wanted to share with you several ways that you can use the 3D tour in your marketing strategy. My purpose is to help you stand out and get more listings and close on more homes. In order to do that I thought a good idea is to give you tools to gain showings and safe time by getting truely interested home buyers in the property.

1.) Enter The 3D Tour URL Into MLS

The URL that is entered into MLS will be included in the Zillow listing under the “Facts” section. This will let anyone that has found your listing on Zillow to be able to walk through the home.

2.)  Register A Domain Name For Your 3D Tour And Listing Information (e.g. www.123mainstreet.info)

The great news is your 3D tour comes with a dedicated web page that contains the tour, still pictures, map, listing information, and contact information. This page is can be customized and any listing information you would like to include can be added. This information can be square feet, price, neighborhood, taxes and anything else you want to list. We can also include the description of the home and the directions.

3.) Include Information and 3D Tour URL In Flyers For Listing Potentials

A great way to gain an advantage from other listing agents is to show the seller the tools you have available to promote their home on the market. In explaining the 3D tour and showing them how it works will make you stand out in their decision of whom to list their home with. They will be able to share the 3D tour as well to generate interest and let as many folks walk through their home as possible from anywhere in the world. Once someone has seen the home in person they will be able to revisit the home and walk through it again.

4.) Create a QR Code To The 3D Tour

 The QR code can be promoted in all printed marketing material for quick access to the 3D walk-through tour.

5.) Include the 3D Tour URL in all social media and blogs

Social media is a powerful tool to promote the Matterport 3D virtual tour. You have the ability to reach home buyers that are not local to the Atlanta area but want to see the home. The 3D virtual tour will give the buyer the ability to see the home, the floor plan and all amenities of the home. The tour can be embedded in your blog, Facebook pages and ads.

Immersive Properties Launches New Website

We have been busy working with Barta Media Group on our new website and are finally ready to release it to the world. I was looking for a way to show the 3D models in an way that is easy to see and launch. We incorporated a WordPress plug-in called WP3D Models that works well in our design and layout.

We have tested the site on several platforms and it responsive to smart phones, tables and computer screens. If you happen to run across something that does not look right, let us know!